Gralee School

Quality Education for an Independent Future

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About our school

Gralee school staff members working in collaboration with parents, therapists and the Leeton Community of Public Schools strive to enhance all students with the skills and strategies so empowering them to reach their full potential: socially, emotionally, academically and physically, whilst, preparing them for independent or supported living beyond school.

Students at Gralee are engaged in supportive learning environments assisted by evolving technologies and underpinned by innovative and effective teaching practices. In turn our students will use their  developed skills to enrich and improve their lives and the lives of those within our community.

Gralee School is committed to excellence in education and equity for all.

Gralee School aims to develop in all students: an increased level of independence; individual excellence; high self-esteem and an enhanced self-image; an awareness of others and the immediate environment. This can be achieved through good teaching and effective learning in a caring supportive and stimulating environment that recognises and rewards even the slightest individual achievement. The fundamental principle underpinning education at Gralee School is the belief that all children are capable of learning and that all children, no matter what their ability, can learn.